Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Character facial designs

This week I have been working on facial designs for my pre production project (among other things). I have used an array of different shapes, and styles as Kathy instructed to keep things interesting. As I went through the process I decided to explore the shape of Pie's for a facial shape. This included Round faces, Angular faces (for slices), Mince Pie shapes as well as a combination of all three.

Scanned sketchbook pages:

Some are more successful than others however I have enjoyed the process thoroughly and now know what kind of popular facial styles I will be using for the characters in my show. I have also been working on body types within the same way, (using a shape of a pie) however I will go into body design more this week.

I have also moved on to the era stage of my research. I was contemplating setting my hairdresser in the 50s as I believe that decade fits in with the general feel and mood I had for the show. However as I began to research further into time line and hair styles I found myself being hugely inspired by the "Motown music phenomenon and decided to set my Hairdresser show roughly when that music and style was most popular. This is roughly from 1959-1972. I don't want to have everyone in flairs and 6 foot afro hair cuts, however I feel that this era in time is closest to setting the atmosphere for the show. This is not set in stone however and is subject to change.

For next week if I can I would like to begin transferring some of these character facial designs and incorporating them with a woodcut style.

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