Thursday, 2 December 2010

Reports, Evaluations and Congratulations!!

Here are my Report & Evaluations for the 11 Second Club and Experimental Projects. I would just like to say that I am really impressed with our classes experimental and 11 second club animations. We totally kicked bootie this year. Congratulations everyone! You Rock!

Experimental Report and Evaluation:

Alberto MOntana Experimental Report Evaluation

11 Second Club Report and Evaluation:

11 Second

Experimental Project

Yesterday I went into the studio to film the 35mm film on the projector and I would like to say a big thank you to Andy Wyatt who helped me in a big way during the filming process. The quality of the film could have been a bit better, but me and Andy tried our best to make it come out as good as possible under the circumstances. This included holding up a black sheet over the screen to shield reflections off of the projector.

Despite that I went home anxious and nervous to see the out come and I have to Say I'm very proud of my baby. This is because I haven't done anything in post production side that I would normally do, such as colour correct it or make sure that the music would fit the animation. It seems the dope sheets I had created seemed to work like a charm. There are a few bits in the animation where the song doesn't go, like towards the end, however the whole point of this project to me was to get me away from the computer and fixing things digitally and to try something out the old fashioned way. I will defiantly try this technique again as I only had 1 day to animate to get it in for the deadline.

Here is the video, remember the quality is not the best, and it is compressed but hopefully it that won't ruin the piece.

If your wondering what I used on the film, I tryed, acrylic, oil pastal, felt pens and etching for the black and white bits.

Experimental Project from Anima Films on Vimeo.